Memory of the Day: 49 years and counting

Figured I had posted the few pictures we have of our wedding enough that everyone probably knows them by heart. Don’t think I ever posted the wedding announcement from the paper before though. It is very likely that this photo was taken when Nancy was 19 because she had just turned 20 about a month before the wedding. Hard to believe that we now have a granddaughter nearly that age. What in the world were her parents thinking. The groom-to-be had just graduated from college with a degree in geology and a 3 year commitment to serve in the US Army right in the middle of the Vietnam war. He had barely a penny to his name and the prospects must have been pretty daunting. The young couple, of course, could not see beyond the love light in each others eyes. They say that love is blind, well it must have been deaf and dumb too.
Two things probably aided us in our early getting adjusted to marriage days. First, we had no idea what it was supposed to be like. There was never a thought that we’ll see how this works out. We just waded blindly into that lake and swam together. On one of our early road trips either to or from El Paso from Louisiana we both acknowledged that if we ever got a divorce it would be while we were driving somewhere. I believe we were trying to navigate through traffic in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at the time. Of course, since then we have driven in Paris, Frankfurt, Washington, DC and other harrowing traffic patterns. and we are still together.
Second, we moved, immediately, away from influences of either side of the family. We had to depend on ourselves and the Army friends we made along the way. It can be difficult when you are thousands of miles away on another continent with a new baby and no family, but there was also never any family to tell us what we were doing wrong so we could figure that out by ourselves.
I missed our first anniversary because Nancy was in our home in Key West, FL and I was TDY for 8 weeks in El Paso, TX. I managed to be with her on our second anniversary in Monroe, LA but left for Vietnam a couple days after the anniversary. Our third we were in Manhattan, KS. Our 4th anniversary was in Kaiserslautern, GE as were the 5th and 6th. The 7th found us back at Fort Bliss and we spent the 8th there as well. Our 9th anniversary we were in Louisiana to celebrate before I went to Germany again ahead of the family. The next 3 were together in Germany and then we were back in Washington, DC for our 13th. We managed to stay in Virginia for the next 8. We moved to Alabama to celebrate our 22d and were there through the 43d. The rest, so far, have been in North Carolina. We have truly seen the world together and I can’t imagine a better traveling companion, as long as she is doing the driving. All my love to the woman of my dreams. Let’s do another 49.OldFamily pictures 222

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